Jan 28, 2017

Welcoming the New with the Old!

In our hood, the bulky refuse bin typically overflows only when someone is moving out of their home. The only other times in the year when things get discarded in such quantity are when...

Jan 17, 2017

Welcome Home

You don't need to build a museum for the family collection when your real treasures are behind the door to your home. 

Dec 20, 2016

Dear Wonderful You's

Thank you everyone who popped by K+ at Scotts Square on 17 Dec to say hi, stayed to chat, passed us your tote bag to "customise", bought and picked up a book or two, and gamely posed at the Furrie & Shortie cut-out photo wall! This quick comic sketch is dedicated to all those wonderful you's :)

For those of you who would still like to pick up a copy of Furrie & Shortie Issue #1 (S$30) "To be the most wonderful you", you can via...

Dec 11, 2016

Furrie & Shortie Issue #1 - Be the Most Wonderful You

At some point in our lives, some of us may ask ‘How did my life turn out this way?’ Sometimes, it is hard to accept who you are, and the situation that you are in. 

Dec 5, 2016

Laughing with you

An amused reader. Image by J.

Finally, Furrie and Shortie will be meeting you in Issue #1 of their comic this December!

Sep 12, 2016

Thank you and thank you

Photo by Edward Teo

Update 12 Sept 2016: Sorry folks, the very few hankies we have left are only retailing at the stores below. Get'em before they're sold out! Best give the stores a call before you go, limited designs are left 

Friends, super thanks for dropping by the Good Sweat launch on 4 December, sharing your company and love, and supporting the project!

Our thanks to Edwin Low, founder of Supermama, for adopting all 440kg of gravel we loaded into his shop (it would have cost us to get someone to remove it!).

Our gratitude also to all the contributors of the Good Sweat inspirations: Theseus of Work, Kenny of BooksActually, Edwin of Supermama, Tan Pin Pin, and Carrie of The Freshman. They generously donated their honorarium to the Chen Su Lan Methodist Children's Home, together with the project's donation from the proceeds of the sale.

The display continues until 18 Dec at The Supermama Store at the Singapore Art Museum (71 Bras Brasah Road), 10am-7pm everyday (extended till 9pm on Fridays).

Each hankie continues to be retailed at S$42, including a Good Sweat 2016 calendar poster in the package at:

  • Supermama Store at Singapore Art Museum sold out
  • Supermama at Esplanade Theatres on the Bay (Level 2) sold out
  • Select Bookstore Pop Up at The Arts House Pop up over
  • BooksActually sold out
  • *latest* Gallery & Co. at the National Gallery Singapore
  • *latest* K+ Design Gallery at Scotts Square

Feb 7, 2016

A Tropical Spring

In marking the start of spring in tropical Singapore, the Chinese New Year tradition is to buy from nurseries pots of imported kumquats, phoenix tail flowers, chrysanthemums, peonies and cherry blossoms. But look around your hood and you will find other improvised gardens. 

Nov 28, 2015

Good Sweat 2015 Show

Friends, join us at Supermama (71 Bras Basah Road, Singapore Art Museum) on the 4 December, Friday, 7pm to 10pm for a little gathering and launch of the Good Sweat project!

A couple of the folks involved in this will be there to say hi. We'll be serving our special own cold-brewed Alishan Oolong autumn tea. So drop by to relax, chitchat, and pick up your Good Sweat hankie.

Together with the featured creatives who donated their honorarium, we have made a donation from the proceeds of this project to the Chen Su Lan Methodist children's home. 

Nov 20, 2015

A walk in a Taipei hood

Good Sweat 3 from ampulets on Vimeo.

We were in a village and artists' hood miles away in Taipei, yet the weather was just as hot. But a hand to hold, the occasional breeze, the slow dance of leaves... it was a lovely day.

Nov 18, 2015

Practise the everyday

James says "Some years ago in a crowded train in Taipei, my wife and I overheard a granddad asking his granddaughter to give up her seat to an elderly lady. When the little girl refused, he chided her gently: "這樣是不對的。你沒有練習禮貌啊”("This is not right. You didn’t practise courtesy.") I remember this encounter vividly. I was struck by his use of the words練習 (to practise and drill). He reminded me that courtesy is not just an ideal or aspiration but is about practice. Like courtesy, many things in life, whether big or small, starts with this deceptively simple練習 – deceptive because simple is often the hardest. It is the practice of everyday living that makes us the person we want to be."