More sweat?

In 2010, a young man asked us for our advice on his career plans. He was torn between what seemed practical, what his parents wanted for him, and what he was passionate about. As we listened to him, the first thought that came to our minds was this phrase: "
做甚麼都好,用心做就好". That year, we created the Good Sweat project, embroidering this piece of advice on 100 handkerchiefs as a gift to friends.

Since then, various folks, some strangers, have asked if we could bring back Good Sweat…

And so...Good Sweat will be returning in Nov/Dec 2012!

5 different new designs will be launched under Neighbourgoods, in collaboration with 4 other designers/photographers/writers whose work and attitudes we have always admired. 

To make sure you don't miss out on the news and limited editions of Good Sweat Nos.2-6, check back here in November, or "like" our facebook page for updates.