Making something good

Mastering any skill or craft takes dedication, years of patient practice, and a deep passion for making something good. But in a culture that desires speed and change, few have the desire to even start on this long journey. And in a world of mass manufacture, neither do we pause and wonder about the root of things, how they were made, what informed their design, and who made them. 

Goodcraft is a collaborative project by Neighbourgoods with FIN, featuring some fantastic folks whose creative work and attitude we absolutely admire. They have started their journey and are definitely on to something good.

Our hope is that this project will remind us all to pause, appreciate and encourage the person whose hands, idea and inspiration are the at the root of things we see, use, wear or love.  

We will be making aprons. Workwear for anyone who desires to make something good.

So stay tuned :)