Eight Goodcrafters

In this day and age, when things are mass manufactured and it often doesn't seem to matter how and who made them, FIN and us so admire these 8 individuals/studios because their practice reminds us of the qualities of craftsmanship:

  • the dedication to understanding, working with, and transforming a chosen material; 
  • the connections between a pair of skilled hands, a sharp mind, and good ol' passion; and 
  • the process of making and its outcome which reveals the maker's personality and attitude to life.
Besides the Goodcraft show apron made by FIN and Neighbourgoods (limited run of 30 only), we therefore asked these 8 creative individuals and studios to each customise a one-off Goodcraft Apron.

Here's a glimpse into what they will be making and what craft means to them! Click to read on.

Creative studio Bureau whose apron gets back to the roots of type and print:
"Honesty to material yet being able to use them in a refreshing way." 

Co-founder of menswear label sfir Christopher John Fussner invents a new fabric from nature:
"Pure intention in the concept, intention and process."

Shoemaker Ed Et Al gets straight to the heart of their craft:
"Craft - an oft-misquoted and abused word. At the heart of it, it means to me the act of making something beautiful by hand, controlled only by the human mind. Machines and tools are supposed to be but conduits of our creativity."

Tattoo artists Hounds of the Baskervilles create a tattoo-ed apron.
"Craft means knowing the trade inside out, understanding the tools of the trade than the trappings and the drama of the occupation."

Illustrator MessyMsxi creates an apron to hold on to things too precious to lose:
"Great ideas have to be accompanied and complemented by craft that understands the vernacular and accentuates the crux of a body of work...The passion for craft develops my character in being honest to myself and my work. This is what constantly drives me to improve as an illustrator."

Artist and signpainter Sabotage paints a work that is unmistakably his own:
"Craft means something that will take years to master. It is something that can be part of your life. It needs focus, love, and intention. It is dependent on how skilled your hands are, your mental stamina and, a lot of the time, on your mood. I believe there is no finishing line when it comes to craft... If the piece is made with love and care, the owner or use can have thousands of conversations about it and that same energy would spread."

Artist Speak Cryptic recreates his distinctive world and characters:
"Craft is something that I try to work on everyday. It's my point of departure and sometimes, arrival. In some cases, it comes after art but I don't think you can have one without the other."

Elyn, founder of womenswear label Stolen, melds garment construction, installation art and architecture:
"It's about take the time to refine, hone and perfect your skills or an object - it's about obsession and passion."

We hope, by now, you are as excited about seeing the results of their work as we are. So do drop by the opening of the show 1 November, 7pm onwards, Dwelling Concept, 261 Waterloo Street, #02-30 (near the Singapore Art Museum).