Cao & Tjok Agung

Photography/Jovian Lim, Poster design/ampulets

Cao & Tjok Agung - Christopher John Fussner
Indigo dyed Bark Cloth, sewn on Canvas with Leather Straps
Canvas surface 65xm x 80cm
Edition 1 of 1 / S$450 (includes local delivery)

“Bark cloth” is used in Asia, Africa and around the Pacific amongst the tribes peoples. It is made from the inner core of trees, typically the ficus tree. The bark fiber is softened with water and beatened against a hard surface to create a more consistent fabric.

This particular barkcloth was dyed in indigo at a dye house in Ubud, Bali, run by couple Cao and Tjok Agung. Although barkcloth is traditionally left in it's natural color, this piece is hand dyed and the differences in the blues result from the different pieces of bark.

Says Christopher, "The dye house was the main reason why I returned to Bali. Without them I would not have made this apron nor would I have spent the time I spent in Bali which has had an impact in my own life...It's a very special piece for me as it is from Cao and Tjok Agung's personal collection...There is no commentary or over arching concept to take away from the apron, if anything I hope whoever interacts with this apron can feel the tangibility of the apron and fabric; the soul." 

Christopher John Fussner lived and worked in Singapore for about 23 years, and the last 4 and 1/2 years were spent co-founding a menswear brand named sifr. He also founded a gastronomic brand, nom nom. He is now based in New York finishing up a degree in design strategy at Parsons. He enjoys the exploration and experience involved with discovering something new. He is a generalist in his approach to design, and likes seeing different angles, working between spaces and piecing together different components to create a dynamic that will produce something different.

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