New Kid on the (Printing) Block

Photography/Jovian Lim, Poster design/ampulets

New Kid on the (Printing) Block - BUREAU
Ink on Canvas, with Leather Straps and Metal Type
Maker's mark Silkscreened on the reverse
Canvas Size 65cm x 80cm 
Edition 1 of 1 / S$180 (includes local delivery)

Blend right in the printing club with this ink stained apron—comes complete with the odd misplaced metal type for the added believability. 

For creative studio BUREAU, craft simply means "Honesty to material yet being able to use them in a refreshing way."

BUREAU is a 4 years young design studio. The bulk of the studio's work consists of brand work and editorial design, and when they are less busy they pursue interests such as furniture making, print making, etc. They try to have a bit of work/life balance and encourage their staff to do that too.

Read about the Goodcraft project here.