Photographer, Calligrapher, Fellow Mastermind

Image copyright FIN
In addition to these 8 Goodcrafters who customised the Goodcraft artist aprons, Neighbourgoods has real fortunate to have worked with these 3 fantastic individuals for the Goodcraft apron
  • Fahmy Ishak, founder of FIN and our fellow mastermind for Goodcraft
  • Jovian Lim, photographer (Goodcraft photography studio sponsored by Woods Studio)
  • Joanne Lim, calligrapher
Curious about what they say about their work, inspiration and views on craft? Read on...

FIN is a brand focused on producing simple and well-crafted goods for the discerning customer. Goodcraft is a collaboration between Neighbourgoods and FIN. Follow FIN at the link here.

What does FIN mean to you?
FIN means giving mundane items the same care and attention as you give a luxury piece like a watch. Using quality material and industrial built construction to create something that would last enduring the test of time, displaying the patina of wear and the journey shared by the owner and the product.

How did you come upon customizing aprons and bags?
A friend who is a barista came to me about his inability of finding quality, affordable and built worthy apron in the market. I said to him, let me help you out. I have been helping out since, apart from baritas extending it to tattoo artist, bike fitters, bartenders, chef and butchers. As for bags, I like my totes raw, clean and built to last. Because I don't see it in the market, I built it to my specs.

Your biggest inspiration?
Iskandar Jalil. The epitome of a craftsman.

Craftsmanship - do you think it will ever be fully appreciated in Singapore?

Image copyright Jovian Lim
Jovian contributed the studio photography for the Goodcraft artist aprons. His photographs of the Goodcraft show apron are also used in the invitation and show poster. Jovian's work can be seen at For commercial projects, he is represented by the agency feat. 
*Jovian's shots for Goodcraft were made at Woods Studio. 

What is photography to you? 
A photograph is a still image of represented reality, it is a way of seeing the world.

What is craft to you?
Craft to me, is being excellent at what you do.

What or who do you dream of shooting? 
It would be awesome to photograph my mother in her youth.

Who is your inspiration?
My inspiration is Jesus Christ. 

Image copyright Joanne Lim
Joanne created a 2 metre calligraphic work about the project that has pride of place at the Goodcraft Show. She currently works at The 3rd Space and continues her practice as calligrapher. Joanne's stationery products are available at The Little Drom Store. 

What drew you to calligraphy?
The beauty of the letter forms. Fonts are like soldiers, calligraphy like dancers!

Calligraphers are rare in Singapore! So how did you go about learning and refining your skills?
It started with a friend who lent me her brush pen, I started playing with it and fell in love. I began acquiring different brush pens and then discovered calligraphy pens.  Realized it was something that required skill. I couldn't find any English calligraphy classes in Singapore, but I was very blessed to meet a renowned calligrapher during my trip to New York and had private lessons with her. She taught me basics of copperplate; ( in calligraphy, each "font" is called a "hand", copperplate is a type of hand )

As a foundation, I was taught to try to copy exactly, but in the process i learnt so much. She taught me to see the proportions of alphabets, the intricacies of each stroke and dot, how they relate to each other. It was an eye-opener.  And it's really both technical and artistic at the same time.

Any grant dreams for yourself as a calligrapher?
Hahaaa polish up my skills and have a stationery shop with calligraphy services.

What is craft to you?
Something that takes practice and passion. It's like a gift honed through time and just gets better. Craftsmanship cannot be stolen or replicated, it truly carries the fingerprints of the craftsman.