Thank You for the love

An apron won't change the world. But we hope it is a small reminder that the ability to make something good with our hands is a gift.

The Goodcraft show wrapped up on 3 November!

Our sincere thanks to old friends and new ones who turned up over the 3 days, stayed to chat, as well as those who bought an apron or two. Of course, we cannot thank enough the folks who contributed their creativity, time, and resources to make the Goodcraft project and show happen.

If you missed the show, click read more below to see some of the event photographs and credits.

p/s The Goodcraft Show Aprons are sold out, but some of the Goodcraft Artist Aprons are still available. Email for more info.

Co-organiser / Fahmy Ishak, FIN
Event Calligraphy / Joanne Lim
Venue Sponsor / Dwelling Concept
Catering / Hello Brownies
Event Helpers / Lester and Serene Chua, Yumei Balasingam-Chow
Event Photography / Edward Teo, Mark Ong
Studio Photography / Jovian Lim
Studio Sponsor / Woods Studio
Graphic Designampulets
Goodcraft Creatives / Bureau, Christopher John Fussner, Ed Et Al, 
Hounds of the Baskervilles, MessyMsxi Sabotage, Speak Cryptic,  Stolen
Media / The Straits Times, Esquire Singapore, ARTINFO SEA, Culturepush, Haystakt,
art4d, Honeycombers

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