The Shoemaker's Apron

Photography/Jovian Lim, Poster design/ampulets

The Shoemaker's Apron
Marker pen and watercolour pencil on Canvas and Leather Straps
Canvas surface 65cm x 80cm 
Artist signature on the Apron front
Edition 1 of 1 / S$250 (includes local delivery) *sold*

Shoemaking is not a glamourous job by any means. It's tough, it's dirty, but beautiful things can come from the mess.

Edwin Neo, founder of Ed Et Al, says this about craft: "Craft - a oft mis-quoted and abused word. At the heart of it, it means to me the act of making something beautiful by hand, controlled only by the human mind. Machines and tools are supposed to be but conduits of our creativity."

Ed Et Al are shoemakers and designers. They design and produce shoes with a focus on aesthetics, materials and craftsmanship. The tradition of the craft dictates that they do not compromise on the quality of their shoes. In many ways, they marry modern design and aesthetics with traditional shoemaking techniques.

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