Under Pressure

Photography/Jovian Lim, Poster design/ampulets

Under Pressure - Speak Cryptic
Acrylic and pen on Canvas, with leather straps
Canvas surface 65cm x 80cm
Artist signature on the Apron reverse
Edition 1 of 1 / S$400 (includes local delivery) *sold*
The work looks at progression and asks "who is in charge?" We go on and on about the problems in the world and forget that most of this is caused by own hands. 

Says Speak Cryptic, “Craft is something that I try to work on everyday. It's my point of my departure and sometimes, arrival. In some cases, it comes after art but I don't think you can have one without the other.”

Inspired by the visual language prevalent within the cultures of comics and underground music, Speak Cryptic's works primarily deal with the issues pertaining to the human condition. Utilising personal iconographies and a cast of characters that he has developed over the years, he applies them to various narratives inspired by his observations on current affairs and his immediate environment. Speak Cryptic's work is featured in 8Q Singapore Art Museum and the 2013 Singapore Biennale.

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