Photography/Jovian Lim, Poster design/ampulets

Unfinished - Stolen
Upper Canvas with leather straps, pins and needle; Lower/Train of Raw Calico, Hidden zipper
Edition 1 of 1 / S$680 (includes local delivery)

The apron was made into a calico toile, a prototype that designers usually craft before creating the dress in the fabric it was intended to be in - it is a dress in its purest form.

Calico is an unforgiving medium, it takes hard work to ensure the shape and lines are correct. It makes for good practice before you end up with the final piece. It’s similar to the journey a craftsman takes.

The artwork represents a constant state of work - a designer’s craftsmanship is always a work-in-progress. Even finished pieces are flawed in our eyes; perfection is a journey.

Elyn Wong, founder of Stolen, came from 16 years of advertising and her womenswear label was started as a pet project. Her approach to garment construction is informed by her passion for installation art and architecture − particularly the Brutalist movement. An exposed back has become the recognisable signature detail of a Stolen garment. Impervious to trends, Stolen constantly challenges the distinction between fashion and art, acting as sculptural fabric vessels to accentuate the sensuality, fragility and strength of the modern woman.

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