Xiao Ding Dang

Photography/Jovian Lim, Poster design/ampulets

小叮当 / Xiao Ding Dang (aka Doraemon) - MessyMsXi
Polythene sewn on Canvas, with leather straps
Canvas surface 65cm x 80cm
Signed on the reverse by MessyMsxi
Edition 1 of 1 / S$280 (includes local delivery) *sold*

Says MessyMsxi, "For a very messy person like myself who frequently misplaces my belongings and am always searching for my notebooks, tools, phone and wallet, I wanted to create an apron with which I am able to carry all my necessary tools around. The transparent pockets allow me easy accessibility to find my tools; instead of clumsily rummaging through my pockets to search for my phone, I am now able to view my messages and incoming calls from the outside."

This apron is for someone who, like MessyMsxi, is confronted by similar troubles and on the lookout for an apron with numerous pockets to keep their tools close to them.

Born in Singapore, MessyMsxi has learnt to find beauty in the vernacular. From this little isle, she often dreams of a bigger, better world. In 2006, she spread her wings to major in Illustration at Central Saint Martins, London. Just as srt knows no bounds, MessyMsxi constantly seeks ways of sharing her creative illustrations. Collaborative projects with designers, fashion labels and museums have expanded her world as she presses on to create work that is fun, new and relevant

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