What is a door?

If, like us, you live in a HDB flat or an apartment, what is a door or whatever doorway you can call your own? 

Some doors are like the last line of their inhabitant's defense against the world. They have mirrors to ward off evil. Incense holders to appease the angry gods. Wire and plastic to keep out the neighbourhood cats. Curtains to frustrate the curious. 

Some doors are always dressed for the occasion. And the occasion is always auspicious. 

Most doorways right outside our flats serve function. They extend what little storage space our HDB cubbyholes afford with cupboards and shoe racks.

Many doorways also inadvertently express our urge for a piece of the earth and the life it gives. And we bless it with useful herbs, plants whose names mean wealth or health, and flowers to please the eye and spirit. 

The door shuts out, even as it welcomes those who know it as home.