Fat Cat

《我們家樓下的小野貓 實在是越長越肥》
Drawing for a friend's HDB project.

Every void deck has a cat with many names. At ours, there is one we call Buibui. 

Buibui used to be looked after by a neighbour on the 6th floor who would provide food and the occasional shelter. When they moved away, they kindly brought Buibui along. But she soon returned, unable to adjust to her new surroundings. Buibui is now beneficiary to a family on the 10th floor and adopted by the host of old ladies at our void deck who meet every morning to chat and every night to chat some more. She lounges where they do and allows them to chide her for getting into fights or getting her fur all grimy.

We are a little like Buibui. After living at our flat in Toa Payoh for more than 10 years, we cannot imagine living anywhere else where the old ladies will not wave and smile at us in the cool night air.