Of music, dreams, heroes and home

We've always enjoyed telling stories through drawings, under our studio moniker ampulets. Over the years, some of these drawings have gone into magazines and shows. There are a few that we are especially fond of. Some of you have told us that you feel the same way too! 

Neighbourgoods bring you four of such drawings in a limited edition of archival quality prints. Three of these drawings were first shown and sold at PHUNK's fundraiser exhibitions from 2011 to 2013, and the latest in a soon-to-be released book on Singapore's public housing. 

They tell of music and new beginnings; dreams and freedom; heroes and peace; and home, one with a fat cat.

These prints will be happy to tell their stories on the walls of your office, home, or just about anywhere else in your neighbourhood.

 Limited edition of 20 Giclee / Archival Print
HahnemΓΌhle German etching paper (310 gsm)
11.8"x15.7" / 30cmx40cm
Signed, Titled, and Numbered (with Certificate)
$150 each
available via info@ampulets.com
or www.haystakt.com


"Morning has Broken" (2013)  
Morning has broken" from Cat Stevens' 1971 Teaser and the Firecat album has been playing in our heads. But the song actually had an earlier life as a Christian hymn, with lyrics by children's book author Eleanor Farjeon in 1931. The song celebrates each morning as if it is the first day on earth. It calls upon our sense of wonder at creation and nature, as well as the hope for new beginnings. We are asked to imagine every morning, the birth of a new day, as if God was re-creating, remaking the world. How beautiful an image and feeling - to be able to leave behind every morning, all that has passed, all worries, all regrets.

"I don't wanna Arowana" (2012) 
My brother kept a majestic looking 20-inch silver arowana. His dream was that the arowana's luck-giving powers would help him strike one of the top prizes in Toto or 4D, and bring the family great fortune. It died last month after spending 2 years in its 50-inch wide tank. What a sad fish! It never did fulfil my brother's dream. My dream is to live a life free from greed and envy; a life – and eternity – that is rich with immeasurable love, joy and peace. 

"Be Still" (2011) 
When asked who inspires us most, we were stumped by the question for a while. There are so many people we admire for their talent, courage, generosity and imagination. But if we had to name just one name...

The Nazarene carpenter Jesus was born 2000 years ago. He ordered the stormy winds to be still, healed the sick, silenced religious leaders, told off the rich, showed love to the poor, and died so that he could save. Yet even for those whom he has saved, it is all too easy to be buffeted by the storms of disease, wants and fears; or be buoyed up by optimism of youth and the power of wealth.  In the midst of life's storms, we eventually find a security and peace in knowing that what anchors us need not be any of these. If only we would be still.

"Bui Bui" (2014)
Every void deck has a cat with many names. At ours, there is one we call Buibui. 

Buibui used to be looked after by a neighbour on the 6th floor who would provide food and the occasional shelter. When they moved away, they kindly brought Buibui along. But she soon returned, unable to adjust to her new surroundings. Buibui is now beneficiary of a family on the 10th floor and adopted by the host of old ladies at our void deck who meet every morning to chat and every night to chat some more. She lounges where they do and allows them to chide her for getting into fights or getting her fur all grimy. We are a little like Buibui. After living at our flat in Toa Payoh for more than 10 years, we cannot imagine living anywhere else where the old ladies will not wave and smile at us in the cool night air.