Good Sweat 2015 - Three years on...

Has it been 3 years already? We hope our Good Sweat hankies have helped to encourage and cheer you on during times of sweat and tears.

This December, Good Sweat comes back with 6 new designs and words from some folks we've always admired for their persistent vision and attitude towards work and life.  As with Good Sweat 2012, we'll be donating part of the proceeds to a charity that looks at supporting young persons needing an extra bit of help.

Look out for more information on the hankies featuring the phrases from:
Theseus Chan / Work
Kenny Leck / BooksActually
Edwin Low / Supermama
Tan Pin Pin
James Teo / ampulets
Carrie Yeo / The Freshmen

Pre-orders are starting soon - email Follow us on Facebook for the latest news.