Practise the everyday

James says "Some years ago in a crowded train in Taipei, my wife and I overheard a granddad asking his granddaughter to give up her seat to an elderly lady. When the little girl refused, he chided her gently: "這樣是不對的。你沒有練習禮貌啊”("This is not right. You didn’t practise courtesy.") I remember this encounter vividly. I was struck by his use of the words練習 (to practise and drill). He reminded me that courtesy is not just an ideal or aspiration but is about practice. Like courtesy, many things in life, whether big or small, starts with this deceptively simple練習 – deceptive because simple is often the hardest. It is the practice of everyday living that makes us the person we want to be." 

James Teo founded design studio ampulets in 2006. The studio loves working collaboratively with writers, photographers and illustrators on visual identity, editorial and book design projects. In 2012, ampulets launched its product label Neighbourgoods to make everyday objects inspired by the beauty and honesty of things close to home, close to heart.

Good Sweat #12 / 練習每一天
100% linen with embroidery
37cm x 37cm
1st edition of 100
Comes with a limited Good Sweat 2016 calendar-poster

Order Information:
Each hankie is available for S$42 each, or S$38 if you pre-order by the 4 December launch (S$228 for a set of 6). 

To pre-order, simply write to us at before 4 December. We'll advise on the invoice/payment via paypal and on the collection/delivery.
We'll be giving part of the proceeds to a charity.  

Good Sweat #8-12 is a series of 6 handkerchiefs, 6 designs, 6 inspirations, by 6 individuals with Neighbourgoods. Look out for the remaining 5 designs, coming soon in November/December 2015.

Good Sweat is an old-fashioned reminder that what matters is not the scale of the work or its reward, but to take care and to take pride in whatever we do. Good Sweat also celebrates the spirit of those who persist, however humble or challenging their job may be, in perfecting their craft.