Without you I am nothing

Kenny says: "This is inspired by my mother and father. Like a typical family, we have our fair share of ups & downs, but I know that without them, there will be no "me". Their teaching, scolding, tears, laughter, and especially their work ethic are my guiding beacon. Pa was a taxi driver and ma was a stay-home seamstress. Pa would drive his taxi 364 days a year, resting only on Christmas day, and Ma sewed everyday. She was paid per completed piece, and the more she completed the more she earned. I know they did this not because they wanted to be rich, but for their children to have a better standard of living. So yes, my hardworking parents in their humble jobs gave me a "road" & "foundation" upon which I have built my dreams. And I know my dreams can only be achieved through hard work such as theirs.

"沒有你哪有我 is also from both my ma and my favourite song "酒干倘卖无" by Su Rui, of which the most poignant part is "没有天哪有地没有地哪有家没有家哪有你没有你哪有我(Trans: Without heaven there is no earth, without earth there is no home, without home there is no “you”, and without you there is no “me”)."

Kenny Leck is the co-founder of BooksActually, an independent literary bookstore that specializes in fiction and literature titles. He also helms the publishing imprint Math Paper Press, and the handmade stationery line Birds & Co. Artist and hoarder, his most characteristic art works are boxed assemblages created from found objects discarded by everyday people. On good sunny days, he sees himself as a karung guni man too. 

Good Sweat #7 / 沒有你哪有我* 
100% linen and embroidery. 
38cm x 38cm.
1st Edition of 100. 
Comes with a special limited Good Sweat 2016 calendar-poster.

*Trans: Without you I am nothing

To order:
Each hanky is available for S$42 each, or S$38 if you pre-order by the 4 December launch (S$228 for a set of 6). 

To pre-order, write to us at info@ampulets.com.
We'll be giving part of the proceeds, minus cost, to a charity.  

Good Sweat #7-12 is a series of 6 handkerchiefs, 6 designs, 6 inspirations, by 6 individuals with Neighbourgoods. Look out for the remaining 5 designs, coming soon in November/December 2015.

Good Sweat is an old-fashioned reminder that what matters is not the scale of the work or its reward, but to take care and to take pride in whatever we do. Good Sweat also celebrates the spirit of those who persist, however humble or challenging their job may be, in perfecting their craft.