Laughing with you

An amused reader. Image by J.

Finally, Furrie and Shortie will be meeting you in Issue #1 of their comic this December!

Issue #1: To Be The Most Wonderful You/做最美好的自己.  Furrie and Shortie’s everyday adventures that make the most of society and each other’s idiosyncrasies will make you smile.  

Check out the special illustrations by some of our faves Holycrap, James Tan, MessyMsxi, Theseus Chan and Wu Yanrong* in the book! Together with those artists who are donating their fees, this project will adopt 2 needy families to receive monthly food packs for a year through the charity organisation Food from the Heart.  

Pre-order now for the early bird price $28 (usual $30) and free shipping. 1st 200 copies contain a free Furrie or Shortie temporary tattoo (usual $3.50). Email with your order. 

We have been working on this comic for the past year and James' studio ampulets designed the book. It's not hard to guess the inspiration for this...but it slowly grew as a way for us to share our observations on friendship, family and the changing world around us.

Below are some early drawings we shared on FB. Any text in Chinese will be translated in the book, and of course, James has made sure the book design will be sui!  Watch this space for some sneak peeks on the book, tattoos and...who knows what else these 2 characters will be.