Welcoming the New with the Old!

In our hood, the bulky refuse bin typically overflows only when someone is moving out of their home. The only other times in the year when things get discarded in such quantity are when...

festive occasions are round the corner, especially just prior to the Chinese lunar new year.

The Chinese residents in the hood spring clean and rid our homes of things we think we no longer need - or want. It's a kind of cleansing. A way of making space to welcome the new year, and the new things the year may bring.

In our consumerist and throwaway world, this kind of spring cleaning also reflect a kind of disease and decay. We are all guilty of it, in varying degrees.

Occasionally, however, the things we throw away do not leave us completely. They linger in the neighbourhood, and become part of our landscape, a palimpsest of our lives and dated desires.

In this new year, Neighbourgoods wish everyone good health and that you continue to know and treasure the people who have been given to you to love. 

Found at a "Community Garden"

A transplant forever in bloom

Wise man at the foot of a tree