What is Neighbourgoods?

Neighbourgoods makes everyday objects, inspired by the beauty and honesty of things and people close to home - close to heart.

Neighbourgoods is founded on the belief that the good things in life are often not far away from us. We hope that anyone who comes across a Neighbourgoods product will be reminded and inspired to open their hearts, eyes and ears to see and hear this.

We respect the spirit and pride of craftsmen all around the world, and believe that they too reside on our sunny island Singapore. As such, wherever possible, we try to work with the designers and producers in the neighbourhoods around us.

How did Neighbourgoods come about?

We are created by design studio ampulets in 2012.

Besides client-based work, ampulets has made independent projects ever since James started the design studio in 2006. In fact, making things started when ampulets was just the name of our blog. The things made under the ampulets moniker includ t-shirts, prints, origami turtles, a lamp, even an axe...

In all these projects, we've always been inspired by the little things that surround us in our hood.

So it seemed right that Neighbourgoods exist to bring together some of our loves: art, making things and our neighbourhood.

How do I get in touch with Neighbourgoods?

To place an order, explore a collaboration, or if you are interested to stock up on some our goods for your store, write to us at info@ampulets.com, or check out our stockists.